Files for download:
version: 1.4
file: Veda-setup.exe
size: 170Mb
version: 1.4
file: Veda-manual.pdf
size: 4.1Mb

What for?

Examples in three words.

Attract new
Give interactive
Enhance competitive
Broaden knowledge
Teach students

Distance learning support

Tutor and tutees are in different parts of the city.

Remote lessons, as if the tutor and all the tutees were in the same classroom. Seeing and hearing your fellow group members, seeing a presentation and jointly using the blackboard — these are just some of the opportunities provided by the distance learning system.

You can use the Veda System as a supporting tool for your lesson and, at the same time, give a remote lesson to those of your tutees who cannot come to the classroom for some reason. Or you can hold a fully remote lesson.

Computer support for lessons

Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, History...

Using computers during classes enables the tutor to give clearer, more interesting and more efficient explanations of the material interactively: to show a presentation where all the material is arranged systematically and made clear, to open a video showing an experiment at a physics lesson or a volcano eruption at a lesson of geography, to provide a visual demonstration of working with an application by means of screen sharing at a lesson of computer science — there can be plenty of examples, so the only thing you need is a high-quality instrument.

There are thousands of free ready-to-use presentations on education on the Internet, so most likely you will not have to prepare them yourself. Without even mentioning the great number of videos and audio materials — you will never have to practise your skills in video shooting in any impenetrable forest conditions.

Interactive tutoring

In permanent interaction.

Apply new teaching forms and techniques in your classroom by using the latest technologies with the help of our system. Upload a file and send it to your students, thus giving them the opportunity to study it. The independent control allows going back and reviewing any complicated sections repeatedly, so the material can be studied without any gaps or interfering with other students' work. It can be a video, an audio track, a picture, or a text file.

Every student can be involved in the process. The students can communicate individually or in groups by means of audio and video connection or instant messaging. They can also jointly use the blackboard, take active part in the presentation and instantly transmit the results or files with the new material to their classmates. To put it briefly, they can learn at a new level.


Everything is clear and at hand.

We know what an interactive distance learning system should look like if it has to be easy and enjoyable to use. It should be intuitive: no complicated menus; any action takes no more than a couple of clicks; every icon clearly represents its function. Need to save a presentation slide? Press the familiar Floppy Disc button. Upload a file? Drag it with your mouse directly from your desktop. Everything is simple and logical. Move, minimize or change the size of your windows and panels the way you need.

Click the right mouse button to see a magnified fragment of a slide or the blackboard.
Chalk and eraser
You can use 9 different colours to write on the blackboard. The most convenient way to do it is to use a tablet.
It looks like a real one. You can draw something here, and you can start right now!
IP address
All you need to enter the system is write it in your web browser address line.
They enhance the functionality and can be used in multiuser mode. One click installation.
It always shows the current time. And the date can be shown too if you move the cursor to it.
Need to look through the slide or the blackboard content later? Save it with all the notes to your computer!
Full screen
There should be as much of the good things as possible. Presentations and the blackboard are no exception :-)
You can select several files at a time and drag them to the green area for upload.
From pictures to flash movies: the system supports over 50 file formats.
Instant messaging with groups and users plus smooth rewinding to the message beginning.
It allows easy switch to the desired slide of the presentation;
it is convenient and it shows slide previews.
Screen sharing
Showing the entire screen or its section to all the users as scalable images.
Everyone is clearly visible in his/her group in alphabetical order: easy to manage!
To start testing only takes a couple of clicks, with shuffling and checking. Studying will never seem too easy!
All the tutees will be able to see your cursor on the slide or on the blackboard.
Audio player
It looks almost like a real one: pause, stop, play time, and volume control.
You can see and hear all your fellow group members: one to four in a row.
Connect a webcam and a headset with a mic and start communication with selected quality.
Blinking envelop icon or staples remind you of a new message or file.
Window panel
Just like in the Windows OS, all open or minimized windows are in one place — familiar and convenient.
- move your cursor here for a hint!

Cross-platform operation

Working in a web browser is not just easy, but it also gives you a freedom of choice.

No matter what operating system you use — Windows, Mac OS or openSUSE, Android tablet, iPad, or even a music player1 for your evening jogging, Veda will always be with you.

A laptop cannot be always at hand, but we cannot imagine going out without a mobile phone. Have a look at the presentation on the screen of your handset, make notes with your fingers or open a video – and this is just a small part of the opportunities.

Internet tablets are much more convenient for some tasks than desktop computers. And not only due to the big difference in the weight. Using tablets for mobile digital classrooms allow you to give your lessons wherever you like. For instance, you can show of an interesting magnetics experiment at your physics lesson, or a fascinating experiment with ammonium bichromate fractionation at a lesson of chemistry. And you can do all that without any reagents, unpleasant smells, or risk for your life.


Veda can do a lot of interesting things.


choose and act
  • Showing all the clients as a tree graph.
  • Sorting the groups and the users inside them.
  • Selecting one or several users and/or groups.
  • Showing events (new messages or incoming files).
  • Flexible settings.
  • Applying to a user or a group.
  • Covering all the basic features.
  • Instant enabling the selected options.
  • Opening/closing registration in the system and in particular groups.
  • Editing users and groups.
  • Administrator rights application.
  • locking users.
  • Audio and video transmission with selected quality4.
  • Opening a conference by simultaneous connection of several users.
  • Notifying the users right upon the connection.
  • 4 viewing modes.
  • Dynamic size change according to the screen size, preserving the image proportions.
  • Selecting the webcams of the users from the chosen group.
  • Instant receiving/sending.
  • Simultaneous communication with groups and/or users.
  • Storing the messages.
  • Hot keys.
  • Opening any number of windows.
  • Moving inside the browser window.
  • Changing the size.
  • Minimizing/maximizing.
  • Full screen mode.


testing the knowledge comprehensively
  • 6 question types with the opportunity to add pictures.
  • Making sets of questions.
  • Simple start of the testing procedure.
  • Possibility to select the time of the test, choose particular questions or select the number of randomly chosen ones from the set.
  • Shuffling the questions and answer variants for each user.
  • Automatic checking.
  • Detailed view of the results and their storage.
  • Selecting a screen area.
  • Viewing the screens of several users at a time3.
  • Viewing modes with scrolling through the real size or fitting in your window size.
  • Presentation or blackboard mode.
  • Start/stop the transmission.
  • Drawing and erasing on the slides and selecting the desired colours, showing it all to the tutees.
  • Showing slides with/without preserved proportions.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Viewing any slide with smooth transition.
  • Automatic mode for turning over the slides.
  • Showing the lecturer's cursor.
  • Saving the current slide with notes.
  • Magnifier.

Presentation mode

from 44 file formats to your screen in two minutes
  • Automatic conversion from PPT, PDF, DOC files, and lots of others.
  • Convenient navigation slider.
  • Transparent marker for selection.

Blackboard mode

just like at school
  • Opening any number of new blackboards.
  • Optimal positions of the modules.
  • Possibility to move the components.
  • Changing the sizes.
  • Toolbars and tabs.


upload, view and send
  • Uploading one or several files by dragging2.
  • Showing the uploading progress.
  • Determining the file type by its extension.
  • Sending several files to the selected users and groups simultaneously.
  • Downloading files upon access verification.

Viewing images

pictures with no paper
  • JPG, PNG, GIF formats.
  • Click to view the original size.
  • 9 formats playback.
  • Play/pause/stop.
  • Volume control.
  • 9 formats playback.
  • Play/pause/stop.
  • Volume control.
  • Full screen playback mode.
  • 24 file formats.
  • Highlighting the syntax of 17 programming languages.
  • Line numbers.
  • Rich opportunities to develop your own multiuser applications basing on the special API.
  • Two-click installation for all the clients at a time.
  • Selecting the interface language: English, Russian, French or German.
  • Launching the server5 in 30 seconds without installation (also from a flash drive).
  • Working from a web browser6.

Viewing files

Right in your web browser.

To view an uploaded picture, or the one received from another user, to watch a video or to listen to an audio track, to open a flash movie or a text file, you don’t have to download it; there is no need to minimize any window to find the file or to run or install any required application on your computer — all you have to do is click the icon near the file name. Interactive studying is becoming even simpler!

The audio and video players have all the standard functions: start/stop/pause, volume control and time line. As for text files, it is even more interesting: Veda is able to find and highlight the syntax of 17 programming languages.


Automatic knowledge checkup.

Make sets of questions easily and puzzle your students at full scale. Select certain users and/or groups, the time of the testing, particular questions or provide the number of questions to be chosen from the set randomly. The system will get blocked: all the question and the answers variants will get shuffled for every user — no one will find it easy to crib anything.

Six types of questions will allow you to checkup your students' knowledge at its best. A question with a few correct answers? The examinee will have to tick them off in the list. Want the students to write the answer to the task themselves, with two digits after the decimal point? No problems: Veda will round it off itself.

When the time is up or the test is submitted, Veda will check it itself. The system will count how many correct answers are given and will save and show the result on the tutor's screen. At any moment, you can review detailed results of the tests performed earlier, with all the questions and answers of every examinee represented clearly and conveniently.

In action

Seeing is believing.

Working scheme

Here and everywhere, for a wide range of tasks.

You start the system on a single computer (server), and your tutees connect to it. All the clients are in a local network? So you will not need internet connection and will be able to use all the computers right after the system is launched. Users have to connect through the Internet? There should be external access.

Server launch from flash drive

No installation, simple as one, two, three.

If you don't know what are DBMS, SQL and PHP and what are the differences between them, everything is still alright. This doesn't have to be your problem. And you will only have to insert a USB drive into your computer and launch a single file — that's it, go have your coffee with milk. But you will hardly be able to have a big cup in 30 seconds.

Your USB drive is always with you, together with all your users and data. You use it in Room 472 today and at a university lecture tomorrow, and then at a briefing in the office — nothing needs to be installed, adjusted or restored.


Schools, colleges, universities, training courses… and more.

  • Watch an interesting video or presentation; all the students can be at the blackboard at the same time without standing up from their chairs.
  • Lectures without exercise books, pens or glasses; seminars without projectors and laboratory experiments on the PC or tablet screen.
  • A briefing in the morning, effective presentations for the clients, trainings for the personnel, and audio and video communication.
  • Make your courses clearer and more interesting within a single classroom; attract tutors and tutees from other cities and countries.
  • Students with limited physical abilities can see and hear the tutor without leaving their homes.


Not everything must be paid for.

We want to make our small contribution to the development of society. It's so great when you have the desire and opportunities to apply new technologies where they are most needed.

All you have to do is download the files below and install the system on your Windows PC or Windows VPS.

Files for download:
version: 1.4
file: Veda-setup.exe
size: 170Mb
version: 1.4
file: Veda-manual.pdf
size: 4.1Mb

Total Downloads:
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  1. Only for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod with iOS 4.3 or higher, Android OS devices with Opera mobile 12 or higher.
    The system does not show its full functionality on these devices.
  2. For Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS Snow Leopard or higher.
  3. Adobe Flash Player 10 of higher required (distributed freely, preinstalled on 98% of devices).
  4. Java 6 or higher required for broadcasting and Adobe Flash Player required for viewing (distributed freely).
  5. Only for Windows XP or higher, Windows Server 2003 Web Edition or higher.
  6. For Apple Safari 5.0 or higher, Google Chrome 13 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 11 or higher, Opera 12.10 or higher.